KASM AGM this Thursday

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A message from KASM
"Hi Everyone,

Next Thursday 24th July in Raglan is our annual AGM, from 6.30pm at the Raglan Bowling Club. 
We are stoked about our win at the EPA hearing, but there is still much work to do. 
The mining company is appealing the decision, and there are other mining companies waiting in the wings.
The core KASM members have been working hard out for the past two years to get to this point....and we need some fresh 'troops' to keep the momentum going.
We are looking for help in the following areas...if you are interested in helping, come along to the meeting, or email us at info@kasm.org.nz  
Any, on going, help with tasks small or large would be greatly appreciated.
Examples where we need volunteers:
Running our facebook page, and sending out e-newsletters
Reading submissions and legal documents
Being the treasurer, helping do KASM's books
Providing marine scientific knowledge
Looking after KASM's emails and merchandise requests (posting out t-shirts etc)
Looking after and building donation boxes for in stores.
Campaign planning, involved in strategy and over seeing events.
To vote at the AGM you need to be a member...it costs $10 for an annual membership, and you can join on the night. If you are an existing member it would be great if you come along on the night to help discuss issues and the way forward.
Many thanks

Job Vacancy at WEC and Pruning Workshop Sunday

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Farewell Bexie

We'd like to say a farewell and MASSIVE THANK YOU to Bexie Towle, who has worked for over three years at the Whaingaroa Environment Centre. Bexie will still continue to work with us as Timebank Coordinator, so you will continue to see her at the centre and wearing her WEC t-shirt at our events!
Bexie will be working as Communications Specialist with Xtreme Zero Waste.  We want to wish her all the best for her exciting new role!
As Bexie moves forward to her new role, we look forward to welcoming a new person to the Whaingaroa Environment Centre. Please see the job vacancy in this week's Chronicle. Note this closes NEXT THURSDAY.  Please pass on to anyone who may be interested.


Vacancy at the

Environment Centre

Whaingaroa Environment Centre (WEC) has the following position available

Part Time Co-ordinator

(approx 15 hrs/week)

We are looking for an energetic, creative, motivated people-person who can promote sustainability issues, manage projects, run the centre and co-ordinate volunteers.

Job description and application details available from WEC


07 825 0480

Applications close 24th July 2014



It's that tree pruning time of year! The moon is waning which means the sap isn't rising, perfect time to tend to your fruit trees! This weekend we'll be holding a tree pruning workshop with local garden expert the Raglan Wharf Seagull. Come to the Raglan West Food Forest in Taipari Ave, Sunday @ 2pm and learn tips, tricks and techniques for keeping your fruit trees healthy and productive.


Maui's March, Gardener Vacancy, Carp and a call for Curtains

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Lend your voice for our last 55 Maui's Dolphins!! Join Phil McCabe and MARCH FOR MAUI'S to deliver an open letter to John Key's Electorate Office. Phil will be departing from the Raglan Town Hall at 8am on Sunday to be in Kumeu by 10.00am for the march. Returning by 3pm. If interested in coming along give Phil a text on 0272943451




An opportunity has arisen in a woofing position in the amazing organic permaculture gardens at Solscape Eco-retreat. Check out the jaw droppingingly beautiful location here http://www.solscape.co.nz/

The current full time gardener is heading away for a few months so in the mean time they are looking for a someone (or a couple) to fill the position.  Someone with previous gardening experience is preferred, and willing to stay until the end of November 2014.

If you would like to know more please phone Wayne on 0226090052 or Solscape 825 8268; email:info@solscape.co.nz 



With the wild wintery weather the Curtain Bank has been busy busy busy warming Raglan's cold homes.  If you have curtains you could donate please bring them into the Whaingaroa Environment Centre, Town Hall!

And we need a hand to measure and sort our donated curtains.  Could you spare a few moments to measure our donated curtains?  Pop in to see us at the Town Hall, we'll bribe you with tea and biscuits!



Please see image below calling for submissions on a proposal to release grass carp into the Whaingaroa harbour catchment.  Submissions close 5pm 18th July

Offers for Sustainable September!

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It's getting cold, but spring is just around the corner! And with it, Sustainable September!

Sustainable September brings together a group of talented tutors and a bunch of folk from our community to learn how to be more sustainable

We are seeking tutors and presenters for our upcoming Sustainable September. WEC will provide publicity and coordination, and can provide our centre as a space for presentations and small workshops. Otherwise, you can use your own space or book one. Check with WEC about local venues available. Tutors are responsible for their own budgets and planning. Timebank members, this is a great way to earn credits by hosting a workshop to be included in our highly publised calendar!

Or perhaps you already are planning something for September which we can help promote?

Be in touch with your ideas and please forward this on to anyone who may be interested!

Get into your Community Gardens this weekend!

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Have you had a dig around our local Raglan community gardens? Well, this weekend is your chance!

Saturday July 5th - 10am

Working bee at the Raglan West Food Forest, Oram Park, Taipari Ave..

Meet in the morning for some weeding and clearing

Ph: 0221967701 for more info


Sunday July 6th - 10am

Working bee at the Whaingaroa Community Gardens

@ Raglan Police Station, Wi Neera St

Tea and biscuits provided

Ph: 0226090052 for info


Plastic Free July and workshop

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Congratulations Merren Tait on going ONE YEAR without buying plastic. We can all follow in Merren's example for a day, a week or a month during the Plastic Free July challenge!

Photo: Merren Tait's total rubbish after one year without buying plastic. Join us on Thursday July 3rd, 7pm at Valentes to learn about how you can go plastic free from Merren Tait. Tips, tricks and recipes!

Plastic Free July: The challenge is quite simple. 

"Attempt to consume no single-use plastic during July."

Single-use plastic is anything that is intended to be used once then thrown away. "Single-use" includes plastic shopping bags, plastic cups, straws, plastic packaging ... basically anything that's intended only to be used once and then sent to landfill. If refusing ALL single-use plastic sounds too daunting, then develop your own PLASTIC FREE CHALLENGE and choose one or all of the following "big four" single-use plastic items: 

1. plastic (shopping) bags;
2. disposable plastic cups and their lids (coffee cups, milkshake cups, fast food fizzy drink cups);
3. plastic straws, and;
4. plastic bottles.



  • Why use something for a few seconds that is going to spend the rest of your life trying to break down in landfill? We really need to change our habits.
  • In 2013, Raglan was the first centre in New Zealand to take up the challenge with shops, local businesses, and even a kindergarten taking part (Raglan Kindergarten - Bronze Enviroschool).  See the story here:  http://1yearnoplastic.blogspot.co.nz/p/pfj-in-raglan.html
  • Local businesses in Raglan are getting on board too! At The Shack, you can receive a 50 cents discount for bringing your own takeaway cup. They sell Keepcups (get a free coffee with each KeepCup purchase) and also you can enter a prize draw! Harbourview Hotel is hosting our weekly Plastics Anonymous meetings and asking each of their customers if they really need a straw? The Raglan Bakery has a sign-up asking "Do you really need a plastic bag?" And of course, the Herbal Dispensary are proud supporters with heaps of plastic free merchandise, prize giveaways and more!
  • This year we hope to get even more Raglan support, so join the challenge and make sure you register at www.plasticfreejuly.org

KASM Celebratory Night 27th June

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"Dogged determination sends big business packing" http://www.stuff.co.nz/waikato-times/news/10174850/We-fought-them-on-the-beaches



Hi Folks,

KASM is inviting you to join us in celebrating the EPA decision to turn down the TTR application.
We have decided to hold it at the Raglan Club where a celebration of Matariki is being held.....new beginnings ......
Hope to see you there,

Please pass on especially to all those who helped make this David and Goliath win possible



Seabed mining bid rejected!

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Breaking news!

A powerful environmental committee has refused to give consent to an application to mine the black sands off the oceanfloor in the southern Taranaki Bight.

TransTasman Resources wanted to vacuum up iron-rich seafloor sands and extract titano-magnetite or iron ore for export, returning 90% of the sand back to the seafloor.

In its decision released today, the committee, which was appointed by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), said the major reason for the rejection "was uncertainty around the scope and significance of the potential adverse environmental effects, and those on existing interests".

The EPA says the committee "was not satisfied that the life-supporting capacity of the environment would be safeguarded or that the adverse effects of the proposal could be avoided, remedied or mitigated, given the uncertainty and inadequacy of the information presented".


Whaingaroa, the TV crews are on their way, make sure if you see them you let them know how stoked we are about this decision!

Massive heartfelt thanks to KASM and the many many many people that gave their support.