Plastic Free July and workshop

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Congratulations Merren Tait on going ONE YEAR without buying plastic. We can all follow in Merren's example for a day, a week or a month during the Plastic Free July challenge!

Photo: Merren Tait's total rubbish after one year without buying plastic. Join us on Thursday July 3rd, 7pm at Valentes to learn about how you can go plastic free from Merren Tait. Tips, tricks and recipes!

Plastic Free July: The challenge is quite simple. 

"Attempt to consume no single-use plastic during July."

Single-use plastic is anything that is intended to be used once then thrown away. "Single-use" includes plastic shopping bags, plastic cups, straws, plastic packaging ... basically anything that's intended only to be used once and then sent to landfill. If refusing ALL single-use plastic sounds too daunting, then develop your own PLASTIC FREE CHALLENGE and choose one or all of the following "big four" single-use plastic items: 

1. plastic (shopping) bags;
2. disposable plastic cups and their lids (coffee cups, milkshake cups, fast food fizzy drink cups);
3. plastic straws, and;
4. plastic bottles.



  • Why use something for a few seconds that is going to spend the rest of your life trying to break down in landfill? We really need to change our habits.
  • In 2013, Raglan was the first centre in New Zealand to take up the challenge with shops, local businesses, and even a kindergarten taking part (Raglan Kindergarten - Bronze Enviroschool).  See the story here:
  • Local businesses in Raglan are getting on board too! At The Shack, you can receive a 50 cents discount for bringing your own takeaway cup. They sell Keepcups (get a free coffee with each KeepCup purchase) and also you can enter a prize draw! Harbourview Hotel is hosting our weekly Plastics Anonymous meetings and asking each of their customers if they really need a straw? The Raglan Bakery has a sign-up asking "Do you really need a plastic bag?" And of course, the Herbal Dispensary are proud supporters with heaps of plastic free merchandise, prize giveaways and more!
  • This year we hope to get even more Raglan support, so join the challenge and make sure you register at

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