Sustainable September is rolling on so keep coming!

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Numbers have been low, so please keep Sustainable September sustainable by booking and attending workshops and our fundraising film nights.

Sunday Sept 18

Fruit Tree Pruning and Care with Peter Cave @ Oram Park  $5


Tuesday Sept 20

Permaculture Farm Open Day with Rick and Liz @ 4095 Main H'way, free


Wednesday Sept 21 and Thursday Sept 22

Weaving - Rananga with Em @ Solscape, $5


Friday Sept 23

Solscape Green Drinks: Practical Sustainability & Education Launch @ Solscape, free



Sat Sept 24

High Productivity Gardening with Nelson Lebo @ Solscape  $60

"Get a huge return on your time, energy, and money."

Sunday Sept 25

Eco Thrifty Renovation with Nelson Lebo @ Solscape, $60

“We’ve recently accomplished incredible energy savings in an old villa with passive solar redesign. Our power bills are averaging about $20 a month. We have an energy efficient, warm and cozy house with land and an organic garden for less than $90,000.”

See Nelson's blog at


Monday Sept 26th

Genuine Wealth Systems, timebanking and community currency. Discussion held @ WEC, 7 - 9pm, free

Tuesday Sept 27th

Reel Earth Film Fest

SoLa: Louisiana Water Stories


River Dog (NZ)

7pm at Old School Arts Centre. Just $5!

Please support our environmental film festival so we can continue to bring you Sustainable September and other events and workshops throughout the year!


Also upcoming..

Saturday Oct 15

Magpie Trapping Workshop

Basic trapping and bird handling skills

Clear your skies for native birds.

Xtreme Waste, 186 Te Hutewai Rd, Raglan

10 - 11:30am,    $5

Book at WEC



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