Support Sustainable September!

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Thanks to all who have attended Sustainable September events. We have one more week to go!

On Monday evening there is a discussion being held at WEC on Genuine Wealth System, community currency and timebanking. It's from 7 - 9pm, and it's free!

Tuesday is your last chance to support the Reel Earth Environmental Film Fest. A cheap and easy way to show your support for all the events brought to you by Whaingaroa Environment Centre. Films are at 7pm (doors at 6:30) at Old School Arts Centre.

Two films for $5! Read below for film details.

On Wednesday  come to WEC for a workshop on Seed Saving, 6:30pm koha, with Jon from the seed bank.

And on Thursday Solscape will host a community tour, please call for times.


Reel Earth films:

Sola: Louisiana Water Stories

Water is everywhere. Everyone has a water story. Water permeates every aspect of life, yet the quality of water and the lives that depend on it have been severely compromised --- sometimes it seems irretrievably. SoLa listens to the stories of the people who live here, who work here, who fight to look after it, who dance and sing and take pride in what they do. But they have their work cut out. With an oil and gas industry worth USD 63 million annually, Louisiana should be one of the richest US states; instead its one of the poorest.

Beautifully filmed, SoLa offers a warmly human and honest account of the impacts of big industry on a region remarkable for the character of its natural environment and its inhabitants. Likely to leave you outraged – but delighted too.


River Dog (New Zealand)

In a remote part of New Zealand, farmers have a law unto their own. They pollute and destroy the rivers and streams unchecked.Only one man is brave enough to stand up for the river he lives by. Together with his team of working dogs Grant Muir risks his livelihood to stop the pollution and make a change for good in this isolated rural land.


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