Submissions Open Re Bee Protection

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Hi Everyone,

Please note submissions to the EPA close on the 2nd September re the following:

Application APP202142 initiated by Environmental Protection Authority to review and implement appropriate non-contact periods for certain organophosphate or carbamate plant protection substances, in order to protect bees, and other insect pollinators, against adverse effects arising from post-application exposure to the substances, which we believe you may have an interest in. 

Relevant application documents can be found on EPA website links: or ..

This application meets EPA criteria to be open for submission from members of the public and relevant agencies. The submission period opens on 22 July 2014 and closes on 2 September 2014 5pm, which is the last date we will accept submissions. Submissions may be forward by post or email:

 Applications and Assessment: Hazardous Substances 

Environmental Protection Authority

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