Stoat Trap Training and Oil Spill Update

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Stoat Trap Training - Thursday Oct 13th (tomorrow)

might seem simple but could save fingers...?

Kia ora stoat trap volunteers -

Were putting on a few informal meetings to help you get acquainted with the new stoat traps on Karioi Maunga as well as learn a little about stoats in general ...
And meet some other wonderful volunteers!

First meet is next week -

8 PM
240 Maungatawhiri Rd

If your hoping to get on the mountain, LOVE stoats / TRAPS or just KARIOI - then please come along - approx 30-60min - PLEASE RSVP.

Drinks and cake provided :)

027 4276242

Oil Spill Update from Tauranga Environment Centre

Hi everyone,

Many of you have no doubt received information from elsewhere about the spill. We've received a number of inquiries about it, so here are the latest updates:

* Please call (0800) OIL SPILL = (0800)645-774 if you wish to help with the cleanup. Alternatively, email They will take details and contact you to let you know about helping.

* Officials are talking about the cleanup taking months, so it'll be a big effort.

* Please report any oil-covered birds or other wildlife by calling (0800) 333-771. If you have time after calling, try to stay with the animals until they get collected.

* Do not try to clean up oil or animals yourself unless you have received relevant training, as the combination of oil and the dispersant makes for a very toxic sludge.

* Frustration and quetions about the cleanup have been expressed, in the media and privately, by many people. Action by concerned locals has led officials to set up a briefing tomorrow night at 7pm. In attendance will be Maritime NZ, local MP Simon Bridges, local mayors, and the chairman of BOP Regional Council. We encourage you to attend this official briefing if you'd like more information.

Date: Tuesday 11th October 

Time: 7pm

Venue: Graham Young Youth Centre, Tauranga Boys' College, Cameron Road




Tauranga Environment Centre

Tel 578-6664



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