Ruapuke beachcare - May 20th

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Atmavidya, Jenny Carter, Jenny Thompson, Angela Broring
Organising Group for the Ruapuke Beachcare



Kia ora Ruapuke Beach Carers,

We look forward to seeing everyone at the next planting day which was notified to you all a while ago and no doubt you will be looking forward to this as well:

Sunday 20 May 2.30pm (Rain, hail, snow or shine)

We are beginning planting at the South end of the beach this year, so please meet us there at the South End with a spade and gumboots. If you would like to join afternoon tea at Jenny Thompson's, you can bring some food to share.

After the planting (between 4.00 and 4.15pm) go back on to the road going towards Te Mata.  Just before you come to the tar seal, turn right at Tuturimu Road, and travel along the gravel for 5 minutes until to come to a t-junction go straight across the road and follow the track to Jenny Thompson's place (61 Matawha Road) to enjoy a cuppa together.

Sunday 17 June 2.30pm (Rain, hail, snow or shine)

More information about this planting and the place for a cuppa afterwards, to follow soon.


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Support your work, and I hope you continue to update.
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