Recycled Raft Race Guidelines

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Maui's Dolphin Day + Recycled Raft Race is Sat. March 10th

Raft Racers 2012 please note 

Re raft race – the race is at 12 noon sharp.

All rafts and racers need to be on site and ready for safety checks by 11 am. Please make sure that your registration is completed prior to the day and all students have permission to race. You can send these back to me.

Please ensure, that no parts of the raft are left in the water and your raft/s are taken away after the event

Everyone must wear a proper lifejacket / buoyancy aid

Dressing up is encouraged but, No Jeans, heavy clothes or shoes

All racers must be present prior to racing for a safety check and briefing and for pre race judging of the raft and it crew. This will start at 11 am, so that we are ready for takeoff at 12 noon. If you are not safety checked you can not race. 

Please note all registrations close at 11 am and no late entries will be accepted, all schools must have their registrations in by Friday. We strongly request that all registrations are submitted prior to the day. You can down load forms off our website or I can email them to you. 

Please make sure the registrations forms are filled in properly - we need your full names, age, contact details and a description of your raft and information about its design. 

Many thanks

Lindsey Turner

Race Organiser

0277 151515


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