Curtain Swap reminder - May 19th

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Keep the heat in this winter by installing curtains and curtain liners. Thermal-lined curtains are wonderful for keeping the cold air out, but you can also add your own thermal protection by putting any extra layers of fabric on the back of your curtains.

Basically, heat is a form of energy, which moves from warm areas to cool areas. So it likes to escape through windows.  Windows are a large source of heat exchange in almost every home. Lined curtains help keep warm air from exiting your house through the windows, This means warmer homes and lower power bills.

Autumn is a great time of year to sort out your curtains. Whaingaroa Environment Centre is hosting a free curtain swap on May 19th. Bring in your clean, good-condition curtains with measurements recorded and swap for something more suitable, maybe a new colour or size. Drop your curtains off anytime during the week prior and receive your swap ticket. You can also donate curtains to the swap and leftovers will be put in the curtain bank. Whaingaroa Environment Centre is also seeking anyone interested in learning how to make and alter curtains, for your own home or others. Volunteers needed for the curtain bank. Training provided.


vicky b
8 years, 12 months ago
howdy, Ive some thermal backing unused, plus some other fabric lengths at the raglan union hall.
8 years, 1 month ago
thank for your sharing,i like it very much!
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