Get outside in Whaingaroa... Stoat trapping, beachcare and exciting news...

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Spring is coming.. and so is <drum roll> Sustainable September! Watch this space for more info.. and also check the August 25th Chronicle for a calender of events.

Have you been to Ruapuke beach lately? Ever wanted to check out Parito Retreat?

How about Karioi Maunga? Likely you've been meaning to climb (or re-climb) it forever, but haven't got around to it?

Here are some great chances to get out there, break a sweat and care for our beautiful Whaingaroa environment!


Ruapuke Beach Planting Days

"Thank you so much to those of you who have said you are able to come next weekend for the planting.  Let us know if any others are able to come.  We will meet this Saturday 20 August at 10.30am - 12.00 midday.  More info below... (see previous post) 

There will be one further planting day for this year:  2.00-3.30pm Sunday 4 September for those of you who are not able to Join the 20 August morning and also for those who have abundant energy and enthusiasm to help again.  Please let us know if you are able to help.  Afternoon tea at Parito afterwards.


Stoat Trapping on Karioi Maunga

A Rocha together with Te Whakaoranga O Karioi, the Department of Conservation and the Raglan community are now set to deploy up to 40 stoat traps across Karioi Maunga main track on Saturday September 3rd.

 Various volunteer options for you to choose from - depending on your fitness, ability and availability.  And of course training will be provided.

Traps will be deployed and set on the Saturday – weather permitting – and checked monthly by volunteers (Sunday is the back-up deployment day).If you would like to be a part of this day or on the team that will be scheduled to check traps then we would love to hear from you! Please RSVP if you can help on the 3rd September - more info coming soon... or if you would like to BE A VOLUNTEER ANY OTHER TIME.

 Please note we have had a wonderful team of volunteers working at the base of the Maunga for nearly three years now trapping stoats, rats, and possums - which we will continue to do - the deployment of these stoat traps across the whole Maunga is our next step - if you are not able to volunteer yourself perhaps you will consider donating $60 for a stoat trap in your name...?


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