Maui's Dolphin Day and Recycled Raft Race is on!

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It’s wet it wild it fun!

As part of the Maui Dolphin Day on Saturday March 10th 2012 at Raglan’s  Kopua Domain, the Xtreme Recycled Raft Race is on again


Rafts must be made out of recycled materials and float. Remember this is a raft race, we are looking for funky designs, fabulous costumes, poignant messages, something to catch the judge’s eye.


This year we are bringing the day back to its roots and celebrating and raising awareness of our Maui Dolphin and its fragile marine environment.


So with the summer holidays just around the corner, it’s time to get planning and building.


Heaps of prizes to be won ……

Contact Lindsey for more information and to register

825 6509 / 0277 151516 /

Or go to


If you would like to volunteer or contribute to Maui's Dolphin Day, contact Bexie at (07)825-0480


What's up with WEC over the holidays

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WEC's hours over December/January period

-Monday to Friday 10am - 2pm

-Saturday 11am - 3pm

CLOSED from December 23rd and REOPEN January 6th

Come check out our recycled Christmas tree, decorated with recycled fabric baubles and bows, popcorn chains, unpaired earrings from Xtreme and paper flag chains made from recycled seed catalogs and soy milk containers! Have a play on our sewing machine to make your own eco-thrifty Christmas decorations. We can show you how to make your own paper flag chain. Fabric available for wrapping and baubles.

TRASH footware gift vouchers available at WEC!

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Trash Footwear - funky footwear made from reused materials - rather fancy rubbish.

Many of you are already familiar with Raglan's new amazing and  customised AND recycled footwear. And you know that   (insert name of friend/partner/family member here)_ really wants a pair. You know that Trash footwear lets the customer choose their own fabrics and style. So how do you give the gift of choice footwear?

Buy a gift voucher! Get your gift voucher through WEC, and 10% of the price will be donated to WEC. Come into WEC, or email us for details. Thanks Trash footwear!

Check out (and "like") Trash footwear's Facebook page here...




Volunteer needed to paint tree!

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We need a volunteer to re-paint our palm tree sign! Xtreme has provided us with some test paint pots, all we need is someone who is happy to get their hands painty and bring our palm tree back to green glory. Let us know you if you or anyone is interested!

Tomato Seedlings for koha

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There will be 14 Black Krim tomato seedlings at WEC tomorrow. They have their first "real" tomato leaves, but are still quite small. 


Free Milk!

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An urgent message from Glen Horner who is wanting to give away as much milk as possible today so as not to waste it. Fonterra not collecting as they are having some techincal difficulties.

Bring buckets, bottles for freezing...whatever to 1km down Ohautira road on the right hand side up (just over the 1 lane bridge) and along a long drive to the milking shed....

If he cannot give it away it will have to be dumped!

It's about time! Timebanking in Raglan

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It’s time to get together and talk about timebanking in Raglan!

Thursday, Oct 27th, 7:30pm

@ WEC (Town Hall, Bow Street)

After last month’s discussion here at WEC on alternative means of exchange, several  folks expressed interest in developing a timebank here in Raglan. We all agreed that timebanking would be a great way to build our community.

Time banking is a system of alternative exchange, literally banking and trading units of time. Members share their skills and are given time credits, which they can then ‘spend’ to ‘buy’ someone else’s time for a service that they need. For example, I could teach yoga for one hour to Sue, giving me a time credit which I could redeem by having Joe walk my dog for an hour. Then Joe could perhaps get someone to help him repair his fence, and so on and so on..

Time banking emphasizes a community’s wealth, especially in non-market skills like home help, listening, etc... Just think of all the possibilities!  Time banking also build the community by establishing strong relationships. Here in Raglan, we have a wealth of beautiful and talented people. This is a way to utilize and share our talents and skills, right here in Whaingaroa!

Check out Lyttlelton’s timebanking page at

If you are interested, come down to our chat on Thursday. We’ll have Paul Murray here (an experienced timebanker just back from the timebanking hui in Lyttlelton) and several others keen to take the next step!

Please FORWARD this on to anyone who might be interested.

If anyone wants to bring some bikkies, we won’t turn ya down =)

"Maara-Back to Basics Workshop" @ Te Mauri Tau

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Back-to-Basics Maara Kai workshop with Nathan Foote.

The workshop will run from 9am-4pm each day from Friday the 28th of October to Sunday the 30th of October. 

Nathan is awesome horticulture tutor, returning from Te Tairawhiti for this special opportunity. He will guide us through the basics of maara kai incorporating his wide experience with permaculture, bio-intensive, bio-dynamic and nutrient dense food gardening approaches.

The workshop will include an introduction to:

  • maara design
  • seed raising
  • bed prep
  • composting
  • transplanting
  • companion planting
  • watering.....

......and much more.

There are limited spaces so please register early.

Call Jo on 825 7111 or e-mail

Feel free to spread the word to friends and whanau who are keen to get in the garden.

Nga mihi


Te Mauri Tau Inc

20 Cornwall Road



Ph. 07 825 7111


Te Mauri Tau Cookbook now available at WEC!

Beautiful vegetarian cookbook that will fill your plate with love and wellbeing. Plus, it conveniently stands up on your kitchen bench. Only $20, your purchase supports Te Mauri Tau and WEC.