Timebank Raglan Orientation

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Timebank Raglan is going online! We're really excited about the new Community Weaver online software. You will be able to create a profile, make offers and requests, connect to other members and record trades. We'll also post events, announcements and alerts.

In order to sign up to the new software, you must attend an orientation session. If you have a laptop, please bring it! Also bring some ideas about what you want to offer and request.. And finally, we'll need your beautiful face, as we'll be taking profile pictures!

We really want to get this Timebank revving, so bring a friend and spread the word!

PLUS you'll receive ONE timebank credit for coming to the orientation!


Timebank Raglan Orientation

Thursday April 26th @ 8pm

At WEC (in the Town Hall)


If you can't make it, but want to be a part of our Timebank, please email Bexie to discuss on wenvc@kol.co.nz.. More orientations will follow....

What is a timebank?

A timebank develops a community by allowing members to support each other by trading time and services. Time credits are recorded and can be earned and spent amongst the timebank community.Some examples of timebank trades include gardening or home help, teaching skills such as languages or musical lessons, financial advice, rides to the airport or hospital, haircuts, workshops... The possibilities are many. Members can donate their time credits to the community chest to provide services for those who need them. Timebanking also provides volunteer hours for events and workshops, to be coordinated by the Whaingaroa Environment Centre and the Raglan Timebank.

Check out this screenshot of our new software!




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