Maui's Dolphin event in West Auckland

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Message forwarded:

I wonder if you could please notify your good Maui's dolphin champions and those participating in the Maui's dolphin day at Raglan, of this event we're having in West Auckland (near Muriwai beach, also dolphin's habitat).
The details are:
Funeral March for Maui's, 10.30 Saturday April 7, wear black and assemble at Kumeu Arts Centre at 300 Main Rd, Kumeu with a cut out Maui's dolphin (on a stake for putting in the ground) for a funeral march to John Key's office and to honour the dolphins already dead and the last 55 remaining.  Maui's & Hector's dolphins are the world's rarest and smallest marine dolphin found only in NZ waters, but sliding toward extinction due to set netting and trawling. The cut out dolphins will be used to create a dolphin graveyard outside John Key's office, because that's what we'll have off the coast if his government fails to protect these dolphins properly.

It would be great to have some Raglan people there if possible...

I hope you can help, and it would be most appreciated. 
Thanks heaps,
all the best


Christine Rose


10 years ago
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