Maui's Dolphin Day Schedule

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Here's the schedule for Maui's Dolphin Day! Please note the raft race is at 11:15am! Fashion show entrants should be registered before the raft race, and report to the tent directly after the race!

And see below for a message from KASM about donating to their jumble sale...

Maui's Dolphin Day schedule!

9am - Stall set-up, raft and fashion show registration
10:30am - Karakia - All registration close - safety check
11:15am - Xtreme Waste recycled raft race!
11:45am - DJ Dubsonic
12:20pm - Raglan Area School - Maui’s Dolphin Song!
12:30pm - Twisted Timber
1pm - Dance performances
1:15pm - The Smokehouse Band
2pm - Project Maui Fashion Show (DJ Dubsonic)
2:30pm - Stand Up and Be Counted 2 - Aerial photo
3pm - Prizegiving
4pm - Closing


Message from KASM...

KASM urgently needs funds to fight seabed mining through the EPA hearing this march. They are having a jumble sale at Mauis Dolphin day and are asking for pre-loved items to put up for sale. If you have anything you would like to donate, now is a good time to de-clutter the house! You can drop things off at Cynthia's at 16 Gilmour St (right by the Old School Art Centre).
Anything appreciated, books, toys, small furniture, jewellery, garden tools, sports gear that kind of thing.

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