Maui Dolphin Day and movies!

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It's almost Seaweek! And Whaingaroa Environment Centre is busy getting ready for Maui's Dolphin Day and all the fun activities coming soon...

Saturday 22nd Feb
Dinner & screening of the "The Whale"
All are welcome!
• Let's meet for dinner, Sri Lankan (veggie) Curry ($15) 
@ Solscape, 7:30pm
• We'll go upstairs afterward (about 8:30pm) to watch "The Whale" (no charge). Possible screening of Moko (30 minutes) afterwards. All are welcome to come out just for the movie if not dinner.
Here is the official movie site with trailer:

Saturday 1st March
Debut screening of "Xtreme Waste: Community Enterprise"
@ Union Church Hall, Stewart St. 8pm
Sure to be a crowd pleaser with lots of locals and a great story!
Refreshments available...
Check out the trailer for the film
Sunday 2nd March
Maui Dolphin Day and the Xtreme Waste Raft Race!
And more! Project Maui Fashion Show... Aerial photo of a 'human' dolphin by Aeronavics... Food, fundraisers, music, oh my! Full schedule coming out soon...

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